Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My first Polish Independence Day

On November 11th Poland celebrates Independence Day and I was there to check it out. Of course I woke up way too late to see the actual parades, but hey, it's a free day after all, also for non-Poles, who cannot really celebrate the Polish Independence Day themselves. I did went to the city centre to check out what was happening in the afternoon. Families gathering on Rynek (the marketsquare) with kids playing in the dry fountain. I saw lots of Polish flags and even some bikermice from the Harley Davidson club.

Later that day there was also the March of the Patriots, where around two thousand people participated in. There were nationalists, patriots, hooligans, lots of journalists and also some regular people. I had my first experience with teargas, but more about that later on this blog, with video's and pictures. For now only pictures of the Independence Day when the atmosphere was still nice and calm.

Slideshow of Wrocław during Independence Day:

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